The History of Travel Companions


Travel companions and travel companion services were established a long time ago. These services date back to ancient times and were considered a kind of worship very common in the temples. Prior to the 4th AD, there were numerous people involved in this practice. The new emperor decided these practices should be replaced with Christianity, resulting in the destruction of all the Goddesses in the temples. A lot of the companions in Mesopotamia and Greece started wearing distinctive dresses so they could be identified by the people as companions. Companions were required to be both charming and gorgeous so they could attract new clients.
Ancient Rome considered companions or escorts to be a business. These individuals were required to pay taxes by the government. A lot of the escorts were from other countries as opposed to the local areas. Companions were also popular in Asia with the Muslims. Their main duties were conversing with and entertaining the guests. During this period, only the wealthiest of individuals could afford these services. The companions were required to entertain guests by learning different dances and their educations were deemed as critical. The most popular companions had the best educations and were considered sophisticated.

During the middle ages, unemployment was rampant but companion services remained. The income of the companion was low due to the high government taxes. The services continued because there were so many clients and women had few career opportunities. Companion services started to become organized in the 21st century. Companions in Los Angeles, California started offering gentlemen companionship for traveling or attending an event. Today, escorts in Bangkok are hired for parties in the local area and conventions being held out of town. Today, companion services are being used across the globe. This is because there are numerous events a gentleman does not want to go to alone, yet finds no appeal in inviting a date.

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A companion provides a lot more than companionship to a gentleman. They offer conversations, beauty, laughter, a dinner companion, a dance partner and so much more. A companion makes any event a scintillating and fun experience for the gentleman. There is a wide selection of ladies who attend these functions. They are all popular, have extremely different personalities and offer genuine companionship. From past to present, companions are here to stay.