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Glass pipes today

Today glass pipes are so popular that the growing industry is now one of the major sources for new breakthroughs in glassblowing. Ancient handcrafting techniques are still used alongside modern technologies to create stunningly attractive and uniquely functional pieces. Thanks to what has now become a refined technique, artists are free to let their imaginations fly, and as a result many pipes are elevated above mere smoking accessories to true works of art. This creative freedom brought an artistic element to the culture of smoking and gave customers huge freedom of choice when it comes to look and functionality. No longer cavemen fashioning crude pipes and foraging for matches, we now have the option to commission a glass bong with an internal ice notch, a standardized 14mm glass joint with a filter end, a double percolator and a body shaped like Homer Simpson’s face. The life of a smoker may be a little more complicated, but it certainly is good.